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Planning Recruitment and Training

Although the ring is often used during the summer, it can be used throughout the year indoors at shopping centres, and for school activities days:

If you are thinking of hiring the Charmborough Ring for a recruitment event, the Association of Ringing Teachers website contains lots of useful information about planning a recruitment event,

You can usually collect a list of at least 20 names when the ring is used at a public event, and you need to plan how you are going to capture their contact details and follow these people up afterwards and train them. We also often find that these people come from quite a wide area.

Therefore those from outside your immediate area will need to be put in touch with a teacher and a local band. You local Guild/Association should be able to help and there is a contact form on the Association of Ringing Teachers website.

The Association of Ringing Teachers runs a training scheme for teachers to deliver the Learning the Ropes curriculum to their new ringers. This is backed up with a dedicated website, regular newsletters, Facebook pages and a range of publications and workshops aimed at those learning to ring and teaching new ringers.


Hire Charges 2022

Duration  Standard Rate    “Friends” Rate 
 1 day  £150 £75
 2 days £200 £100
 Each additional day  + £25 + £12.50

The primary purpose of the Charmborough Ring is to promote ringing to members of the public and recruit and train new bellringers. We do make the bells available for weddings, birthday parties and private events, but the owners of the ring prefer that priority is given to our primary purpose, and that if used for weddings etc. then we request an additional voluntary donation of 50% of the hire fee towards the Trust’s charitable work.

The reduced hire rates for “Friends” are available to benefactors who have made donations to the Charmborough Bell Trust totalling £500 (valid for 3 years). Ringing Societies and Associations that became Friends may hire at the reduced rates for events organised by their affiliated towers.

The hire charges are based on the Hirer providing the erection team (see below) and the ringers. If the Trust’s erection supervisor has additional expenses (e.g. for travel separate from the transport for the bells), or if over-night accommodation is needed, this will be charged at cost.

The Trust reserves the right to refuse bookings or vary the hire charge at the time of the booking.

Bookings that are cancelled by the Hirer within 8 weeks of the event will incur a cancellation charge of £30. This charge may be waived if there have been no costs or lost bookings.

The Trust will invoice the Hirer with the payment details; invoices are payable within 30 days of the event.

Transport Charge

The Trust normally provides transport from a small pool of drivers at a charge of 65p per mile each way from where it is normally stored in new Alresford, Hants. However we have supplementary storage facilities at Doulting Beacon, Somerset. If there are other events immediately before or after your event which mean that the ring can be stored at one of these locations in between, we will charge travelling expenses from there instead. Where two trips are made by our driver (e.g. for hirings lasting two or more days) transport will be charged for each trip, with any non-towing mileage charged at 45p per mile.

Fuel surcharge: We rely on the goodwill of our drivers. There is wear an tear on the vehicle, brakes, tyres and servicing costs etc., and at the current point in time fuel costs have increased significantly. Fuel consumption doubles whilst towing. Therefore whilst fuel prices remain high we are adding a surcharge of 10p per mile to cover the extra fuel costs. Our rates are therefore 75p per mile for towing and 55p per mile for non-towing trips.

The ring is transported in a dismantled state on a twin axle, close-coupled trailer with over-run brakes. This measures approximately 4.5m long, 2.1m wide and 2.2m high with a laden weight of 2.1 tonnes. A diagram showing dimension of the trailer is available here (and from the download page).

Site Requirements

The site where the Ring is to be erected needs to be reasonably level and, normally, with a clear space of 8m x 5m although a reduced space can be accommodated if extra lifting effort is provided. When erected, the Ring occupies approximately 2.1m x 4.3m.

The Ring is not as loud as church bells but can be a source of irritation when being rung for many hours, therefore, when choosing a site, hirers should give due consideration to the potential noise impact on any nearby residents or businesses.  Those closer than 50 m may be impacted.  We have supplementary neoprene and leather muffles., which can be used to quieten the bells.

If it is to be erected indoors, a clear height of 4.5m is needed. If the trailer and its towing vehicle can be brought to the site this eases erection and minimises the time needed. A diagram showing dimension of the Ring is available here (and from the download page).

Four 2.4m long x 225mm wide x 50mm thick timbers are available for the Ring to stand on to reduce damage to the ground. The Hirer may wish to provide additional protection if the surface is particularly vulnerable e.g. indoors or on grass. Please discuss any site specific concerns, including restricted space of less than 8m x 5m, with us.


The Trust will provide a competent supervisor to direct the erection and dismantling, but the Hirer must provide a team of at least 5 able bodied and reasonably strong adults to help with this. The erectors should be suitably clothed for carrying the steel–work and wear stout footwear, ideally steel toe–capped boots if available. The Trust will provide all the tools necessary and has a small stock of strong rigger’s gloves which the erectors are encouraged to wear.

A portable petrol driven generator is normally used to power the electric hoist used during erection and dismantling. However, where a normal 240 Volt mains supply is available this can be used instead.

Erection normally takes about 1.5 hours and dismantling 1 hour. More information on the site requirements and erection sequence, together with photographs, can be found here.

Health & Safety

The Hirer will be responsible for cooperating with the Trust to ensure the health and safety of all concerned. When the Ring is to be erected in public places, health and safety is often a major consideration, and the Hirer is advised to consult with the owner or manager of the land at an early stage. A Method Statement & Risk Assessment (Microsoft Word) can be downloaded here. There is also a quantitative model risk assessment that can be adapted to take account of site specific issues. These documents can also be accessed from the Downloads Page.

Insurance and Security

The Charmborough Bell Trust carries employers liability insurance with a limit of indemnity of £10M, and public/products liability insurance with a limit of indemnity of £5M. A certificate of insurance is available  here (and from the Downloads Page). If the Ring is to be left over-night, the Hirer will be responsible for taking security measures which are to the satisfaction of the Trust.


Hirers are requested to advise the Trust if they plan to arrange media publicity for the Charmborough Ring.


Gift Aid logo The hire and transport charges quoted above are priced at a non–profit making level to cover the costs of insurance, storage, maintenance and transport. No payments are made to the Trustees and volunteers who support the Charmborough Bell Trust other than (partial) reimbursement of transport costs. Those hiring the bells are encouraged to make additional donations, which may be eligible for Gift Aid subject to their ability to make the necessary declaration.

Hirer’s Check–List

  • Hirer’s name and contact details
  • Date(s) and times required
  • Location of event
  • Purpose of event
  • Erection site details (indoors, outdoors, adequate space, vulnerable surfaces)
  • Access for trailer and towing vehicle
  • Erection/dismantling team
  • Insurance issues
  • Security issues
  • Hire and transport fees
  • Health & safety procedures and risk assessment
  • Safeguarding