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The Charmborough Ring is a portable belfry with 6 bells hung for full circle ringing, as developed, mainly in England, from the seventeenth century onwards. The Ring was designed and built by Matthew Higby using bells cast by Richard Bowditch, and made its first public appearance at the Ringing Road Show in 2005.

The Ring was sold in 2007 and is now operated by the Charmborough Bell Trust as a registered charity for promoting change–ringing in the wider community.

 Bell   Diameter  Weight  Note 
(inches)  (cwt–qtr–lb) 
1 10¾ 0–1–11 B
2 11¾ 0–1–18 A
3 11¾ 0–1–18 G
4 12¾ 0–2–1 F#
5 14¼ 0–2–26 E
6 15½ 0–3–10 D+48

With a ¾ cwt tenor, this is the heaviest portable ring currently in existence.

High Pulley

Easy handling is assured by putting the ground pulleys above the bells to avoid the sallies going through the pulleys and round the wheels. And there are no stays to break!


The Ring is transported in a dismantled state on a trailer.

More information, including overall dimensions of the Ring and the trailer, can be found on the “Hiring” page.